Actinogen is a neurotherapeutics developer realizing a revolutionary therapy so neurology patients and their families can live their best lives

Our Fundamentals

In conjunction with the US FDA and other regulatory authorities, we strive for excellence in science and clinical data within our programs. As a result, we’ve conducted multiple high-quality clinical trials to bring our molecule, Xanamem, to this Phase 2 stage of development.

We are valued and respected by patients, physicians, and industry peers to bring Xanamem’s development forward.  Science, data and transparency guide us to bring hope and  potentially change the world of cognitive impairment forever.

Building on the solid scientific rationale for Xanamem’s action, we are rapidly developing programs in multiple disease areas, with a priority on Alzheimer’s Disease and Depression.

Xanamem is a cutting-edge therapy and world-class product that reduces cortisol (the “stress hormone”) levels in the brain. As a result, it is a catalyst for new approaches in managing neurodegenerative and other illnesses.

About Us

Actinogen Medical (ACW) is an ASX-listed, biotechnology company developing a novel therapy for neurological diseases associated with dysregulated brain cortisol. There is a strong association between cortisol and detrimental changes in the brain, affecting cognitive function, harm to brain cells and long term cognitive health.

Cognitive function means how a person understands, remembers and thinks clearly. Important cognitive functions include episodic and working memory, attention, problem solving, and language.

We are currently developing our lead compound, Xanamem®, as a revolutionary new therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease, Major Depressive Disorder, Fragile X Syndrome, and other neurological diseases where reducing cortisol inside brain cells could have a positive impact. The cognitive dysfunction, behavioral abnormalities, and neuropsychological burden associated with these conditions is significantly debilitating for patients, and there is a substantial unmet medical need for new and improved treatments.


About Xanamem®

Xanamem’s novel mechanism of action works by blocking the production of intracellular cortisol through the inhibition of the 11β-HSD1 enzyme in the brain. Xanamem is designed to get into the brain after it is absorbed in the intestines upon swallowing its capsule.

Chronically increased cortisol is associated with cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s Disease, potentially linked to cognitive impairment in Depression and cognitive impairment and anxiety in Fragile X Syndrome, and other diseases.

The Company has studied 11β-HSD1 inhibition by Xanamem in more than 300 volunteers and patients, so far finding a statistically significant improvement in cognition over placebo in healthy, older volunteers. A series of Phase 2 studies in multiple diseases is being conducted to further confirm and characterize Xanamem’s therapeutic potential.


® Xanamem is a registered trademark of Actinogen Medical Limited. Xanamem is an investigational product and is not approved for use outside of a clinical trial by the FDA or by any global regulatory authority.

Our Team

Annual Reports

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Build on improved attention and working memory seen in two independent, placebo-controlled trials and the strong trend toward clinical benefit seen in patients with mild Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Initiate Phase 2b trial in patients with the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease (XanaMIA Part B)
  • Complete currently enrolling Phase 2a trial in patients with Cognitive Impairment and Depressive Disorder (XanaCIDD)
  • Leverage ‘hands on’ clinical operations and management based in Australia and the US to speed timelines and reduce cost
  • Present at key conferences and via peer reviewed publications
  • Complete additional manufacturing activities for scale-up and supply of future clinical trials
  • Complete tablet development for use in Phase 2b/3 trials and subsequent commercial launch
  • Integrate global regulatory strategic planning to optimize path to marketing approvals
  • Complete required regulatory nonclinical studies to the Good Laboratory Practice standard
  • Plan ancillary clinical and nonclinical studies required for marketing approvals
  • Explore high value regional partnerships in the near term
  • Engage with the universe of potential biopharma partners who could create synergy for the Xanamem program
  • Ensure close working relationships with key regulators such as the US FDA and EMA
  • Partner with leading clinical trial implementation providers
  • Partner with key patient advocacy organizations in Australia and globally

Corporate Governance

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