Corporate Governance

The ACW Corporate Governance Statement outlines the key aspects of the governance framework and main governance practices of Actinogen Medical Limited, which sits outside the S&P/ASX 300 index of companies. This Statement is structured with reference to the Australian Securities Exchange Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations 4th Edition (“the Recommendations”).

The ACW Board has adopted the Recommendations to the extent that is deemed appropriate considering the current size, financial position, and operations of the company. Where the Board considers that the cost of implementing a recommendation outweighs any potential benefits, those recommendations have not been adopted.

The latest Corporate Governance Statement was approved by the Board and is current as at 25 August 2022. The Board of Actinogen Medical Limited currently consists of four Directors. All of the Non-Executive Directors are considered by the Board to be independent:

Dr Geoffrey Brooke, Independent Non-Executive Chairman
Dr Steven Gourlay, Managing Director
Dr George Morstyn, Independent Non-Executive Director
Mr Malcolm McComas, Independent Non-Executive Director
Dr Nicki Vasquez, Independent Non-Executive Director

Click here to view our 2023 Corporate Governance Statement

The Actinogen Board seeks continuous improvement in its governance and management oversight capability. We conduct periodic reviews of all our activities and responsibilities, including the Board skills matrix to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement

Our charters, policies, and procedures are also reviewed regularly and updated to comply with legal and best practice requirements.

The Board established an audit committee in FY22 to, among several responsibilities, monitor and review the integrity of the Company’s financial reporting. In line with best practice corporate governance, the committee will be comprised of independent non-executive directors. Due to the size and scale of the Company, there are no nomination or remuneration committees at present. Matters typically dealt with by these committees are, for the time being, referred to the Board of Directors.

The following corporate governance policies, constitutions, and Board and Committee charters are available for download.

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